Kent XC League 2016, Wilmington - Letter 2


Hi all,

Please find attached details of the first Kent League fixture at Wilmington near Swanley on Saturday 15th October.

Link to info about the Stanhill farm course


You have been registered by the club to run in all the Kent League fixtures.

Please note this race is being used as a selection race for a number of future races as follows:

   1)  By Kent as one of three selection races for the Southern Inter-Counties at Oxford on Dec 10th

                       (Kent will not select anyone who hasn't competed in at least 1 Kent League race)

   2)  By Bromley for the borough team to run in the London Youth Games at Parliament Hill on November 19th

                        (The first 8 eligible athletes in each age-group will automatically be selected. You must send to Jay Galley a

                         Bromley Registration form (copy attached) before the race)

   3)  By the club as the final race to be considered when selecting teams for the National Cross-Country relays on November 5th at Mansfield.

A Reminder that Under 20 athletes may run in either the Senior or the Under 17/20 race, but should run in the Senior race if they want to try and qualify for the Southern Inter-Counties

Paul Austridge (07710094846) 

PS - Just receive this note about car parking at Wilmington from the Kent League Secretary

As obviously you are among the larger clubs, can I reinforce the info I have sent out relating to Stanhill, also on the KCAA site (, that we need to maximise parking in the farm with car sharing as much as possible. I have managed to gain some extra space for cars in the farm, but if we do need to turn people away they must park carefully outside. Some people actually parked on grass verges near houses which resulted in complaints to the farmer. We have promised the farmer it will not happen this year.

As you may know we lost further opportunities to hold large events at Brockhill, Hythe due to poor parking in the road outside the school, which blocked buses, resulting in a visit from the police.

Weather looks like it will stay reasonable until next weekend. Course very hard and dusty at present.